Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Background of Leaked Information

Over the course of the next year, I will be posting various design documentation, research essays, scratched-out brainstorming ideas, and other assorted artifacts related to my thoughts on games and their relationship with reality as pertains to major filters such as world governments, broadcast communication, reactionary commentary, and so on, as will be revealed in detail through the leaked information.

This has been in part a collaborative effort, and as those who helped me often did so unaware of the intended result of the input, I have been careful to select material in which I have solely created, however influenced I was by those who may be truly called the authors of the content (e.g., there may contain the transcripts of various poems, written not by myself, but transcribed by me as they were heard by me at the time).  With that in mind, please let me denigrate my own skill for the purposes of revealing deeper truths, in that while I do have practice in these various arts I engage in, I am no means a master at any, and I am aware of this.  However, see these materials (however "pretty" or "chaotic" they may be) as the hurried scratches of an artist imagining what will be, by necessity rough and sketchy, though apparently something that will help guide the artist toward that thing.

Interactive Illuminatus is a fundamentally democratic forum, though it has as of yet been monopolized by myself.  I had hoped from the beginning I would receive essays or thoughts to a great extent than I have thus far, and wish to extend this invitation again, encouraging the sharing of ideas in whatever way is easiest; also thanking those who have already contributed.

So in further aid of sparking the outpouring of new ideas, I introduce to you:

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We look forward to it, I'm sure. :)

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